Adding Hokuyo Laser Finder to Turtlebot in Gazebo Simulation

This tutorial presents the steps for adding the Hokuyo laser range finder (LRF) sensor to TurtleBot, and explains how to write URDF description of the Hokuyo LRF, and how to modify the URDF of the Turtlebot robot to account for the addition of the Hokuyo sensor. Before going through this... [Read More]
Tags: ROS, Hokuyo-Laser, Turtlebot, Mobile-Robot

Task Level Control of Robots using Sequence of Behaviors

Behavioral Control using State Machines in Robots

In dynamic environments, task-level control of robots, where we sequence entire behaviors rather than single action, is important. When we have to navigate an unstructured enviroment, then we cannot use simple navigation techniques using maps. We must be able to react to the environmental conditions. Thus, we need to divide... [Read More]
Tags: Motion-Control, Navigation, Mobile-Robot

Goal-Seeking and Obstacle Avoidance Behaviors for Mobile Robot

The basic idea of behavior based control is to subdivide the navigation task into small, easy to manage, program and debug behaviors. The world is fundamentally unknown and changing so rather than implementing a fixed plan, we focused on developing a library of useful controllers (robot behaviors) and switch among... [Read More]
Tags: Motion-Control, Navigation, Holonomic Robot, PID, Mobile-Robot

DC Motor Speed Control using Encoder Feedback

The speed of a DC motor is proportional to the voltage applied to the motor. When using digital control, a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal is used to generate an average voltage. The motor winding acts as a low pass filter, so a PWM waveform of sufficient frequency will generate a... [Read More]
Tags: Motor-Control, PID, Mobile-Robot